Current work on display:

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Megan Bickel

A Cincinatti based based painter and installation artist. Her work attempts tocreate an visual connections between emotions and science. By visually interpreting a neurophysical explanation of an emotional, physical, or spiritual experience. This is done through a variety of scale, color, line, and formal interpretation of space.

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Beatrice Guarnaschelle-Holt

Growing up in the studio of Nicholas Dominic Guarnacchelli, who taught portrait painting for over twenty years at the UofL shcool of art in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, Beatrice was imbibed in a passion for pigment as a child. Her pride in her father shows and her work is a great honor to him. Her life in the country also shows through her work. The rivers, mountains, plains, and valleys all play in her experience. The differences in topography and space is instilled in her oils embodiment of motion and spatial.

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Aleksandar Todovoric

Well-known in Serbia and exhibiting all over Europe. Aleksandar Todorovic, has just arrived in the US from Serbia with a small collection of paintings.


Saturday, September 10

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We’ve been talking about this one and it is finally here!

This will be a multi-faceted show unlike no other before it.

First- We are Thrilled to bring UTER all the way from the West Coast into our main gallery for a completely immersive art installation. “Temporarily Permanent” explores the fallacy of permanence and human natures ability to repeat its own destruction. A combination of sculpture and wall hangings brings his unique and valuable vision to fruition in the most tangible way possible.

Second- It is Tim’s 48th birthday and we have 3 of our favorite bands taking over the stage with a punk rock show that is sure to shake the foundation!
Midnight — Whiskey of the Damned (Milwaukee)
11pm– The Slams (Lexington)
10pm– Ain’t Worth Killin’

Third- One of our favorite local businesses; Home Skate Shop, will be on hand this day begininng at 2pm with live skating demos in our parking lot/cou
rtyard. Undoubtedly, a few surprises from them as well.

And if all of that were not enough, this is a PBR sponsored event, so plenty of the blue ribbon winning beer will be on hand along with plenty of PBR swag.

This is a FREE event! 21+ in the event space, All Ages in the gallery and courtyard.

2pm to Late