First Friday: Margaret Archambault and Amy Wilmore

Margaret Archambault and Amy Wilmore solo shows open the 2017 fall gallery season at TFG.

Margaret Archambault
In Tens: A Single Century to Live -a  new collection of paintings from our very own Margaret Archambault is both a reflective and investigatory experience that reminds us all to not become distracted and disheartened by the onslaught of media being presented to us each day. This influence alters our daily experience and often skews our own perspectives, making it difficult to simply enjoy the actual interactions we have. The old adages “stop and smell the roses” and “the blue bird of happiness is in your own backyard” may seem dated, but the sentiment couldn’t be more necessary than in today’s social media world. These massive (5ft x 7ft) Depictive Abstract and Non-representational paintings each are designed to remind the viewer that their daily experience in the world should be always be the primary concern. With only 100 years to live, each day counts and collectively creates happiness…if we let it.

Catering for the evening provided by Mayan Cafe