LowEnd Louisville

These free events feature deejay sets by Yared Sound, Scz – seize and invited guests…. B. Shatter will be holding down bartending and weekly drink specials.

It’s really not about us… it’s about rhythm, sound, beats, bass and movement. It’s about what the music does for us, where it points us, and what we can do with it. It’s about how we listen, how we speak, and how we dance.

Through our work, and the work of friends in communities all over the globe, we’ve seen that music has an unparrallelled capacity to create community, facilitate the building, sharing, and mobilization of knowledge and culture, and spurs innovation and forward thinking creativity.

We’re working to utilize music and the amazing spaces that can be created around it as a way to build and mobilize culture.

We host community events, release music, and create spaces for learning, sharing, and producing music culture.

If you want to know more about some of the ideas behind Rhythm Science Sound and how we put them into action visit our website http://www.rhythmsciencesound.com/.