Nerdlouvia Game Event

Nerdlouvia is Louisville’s only tabletop gaming convention focused entirely on gaming. This year we’re at the Tim Faulkner Gallery where we’ll have plenty of space, a cash bar, and food trucks. The convention will run from 12PM to 1AM on Saturday and 11 AM to 6PM on Sunday.

Come play your favorite roleplaying, board, and card games! Just like last year, Nerdlouvia will have a mix of scheduled events and games on demand. Most importantly, we’re working with local nerds to bring you the best and most fulfilling gaming experience possible.

Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and more roleplaying games will be present for traditional roleplaying. In addition, we’ll have a slew of indie and storytelling roleplaying games like FATE, Dread, and Fiasco. We’ll also have a huge selection of board games for free play, tournaments, and learn-to-play events.

Details on special events, VIP passes, and volunteer opportunities

Complete 2017 lineup is here


Last year Nerdlouvia was our first fundraiser and it was more successful than we could’ve imagined. We want to continue that prosperity by making this our main fundraiser. What better way to raise funding for our mission of making Louisville the most awesome nerd city in the universe than by throwing a gaming convention for our supporters? This will permit us to expand the scope of our education about local groups, venues, and resources pertinent to nerds in the city. And, even more impactful, our charitable initiatives, like the Next Gen Nerds program aimed at bringing gaming supplies to at-risk youth in the city. We’ve previously worked with other non-profits and schools to provide much-needed gaming supplies so that children can experience an educational, safe, and creative recreational activity close to our hearts. We want to do more. And, with your participation and investment, we will.

Are your shelves getting full!?
We’re excited to announce that this year at Nerdlouvia we’ll be offering a Game Exchange and Donation Booth! This new inclusion to our convention will allow you to bring in your gently used board games and RPG books and exchange them for similar items brought by other attendees.
Please bring any items you would like to trade with you to the convention, and stop by the Game Exchange booth for details!
Any books or games left unclaimed at the end of the convention will be donated to our Next-Gen Nerds initiative and will help provide gaming supplies to at-risk youth in the community!

This event is 21+. IDs checked at the door. No children. Adult beverages served. Please enjoy responsibly.