The Classical Hour started as a series of Sunday afternoon concerts in the lobby of the historic Brown Hotel in Louisville in 2009. In an effort to make classical music available to all, the Classical Hour has grown to a radio program and regular concert series.

Pianist Nada performs Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Classical Hour Orchestra. Free performance. Dec 29, 2017, 7 pm.

This performance of the Classical Hour will be recorded live for broadcast on WCHQ 100.9 FM at a later date.
This event will be sponsored in part by the Music Performance Trust Fund and by The Piano Shop – Kentucky’s authorized Steinway dealer.
This series of performances are free and donations will be accepted. See the calendar for additional dates.

A United States citizen of Lebanese/Hungarian descent with a French education, Nada is a native of Beirut, Lebanon. Her piano training was hampered by the unrelenting civil war and terrorism, which also cost her mother’s life in a mortar explosion in their home in Beirut. Her family had escaped to the mountains during the beginning of the war where Nada was mainly self-taught with a few books of music—the Bach inventions and the Chopin waltzes and polonaises. After only seven years of playing the piano, Nada was admitted to the Paris Conservatory where she became the first woman from the Middle East to take first prize.

Reviews of her early performances in Beirut describe her as “a musician to her fingertips,” and are hailed as “a pure moment of grace that would not soon be forgotten.” Her career evolved in the U.S. with outreach programs in schools and concerts in intimate settings in the European salon format. She traveled with a piano on a truck, introducing classical music to rural and mountain communities, hospital patients, and prison populations, through solo and ensemble performances. As for her work as a pioneer, her mentor, the late master Gyorgy Sebok wrote: “a hero of the arts.”

Nada organizes, hosts and performs in her own concert series The Classical Hour, in Louisville, KY, where she has nurtured a large following of listeners over the years.

She hosts a radio program every Sunday at 4 pm ET, Nada’s Classical Hour on / WCHQ 100.9FM. The concerts of the Classical Hour are broadcast and streamed live on the web, and are for available for download later as well.

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